A Moment of Change in Investing


This article comes to us from Bill Harris, Founder and CEO of Personal Capital. Personal Capital develops tools to help investors make smarter financial decisions. Learn more at PersonalCapital.com.

The investing world has been slow to change – from branches and offices to online access – from once-a-quarter paper statements to real-time information – from brokers to advisors – from unreasonable cost to reasonable cost.

But the moment of change has arrived. It’s been prompted by the dramatic shift in consumer expectations in our mobile information age. Now, we anticipate that businesses are designed around our needs, transparency, convenience and access are the price of entry for a successful company.

CircleUp is a leader in this moment of change. They’re pioneering investment crowdfunding – giving individual investors access to a new asset class (small, private retail companies) while simultaneously giving small business owners access to a new pool of capital.

Another place you can find change is at my company, Personal Capital. We help you take a new approach to managing your money to radically simplify money management. Here’s how.

At Paypal we won online payments by delivering a fundamentally better experience to consumers. We’re now doing the same at Personal Capital. We recently surpassed an important milestone: we now manage one billion dollars of investments for our clients, triple the amount we managed at the start of 2014.

It’s proof of what American families want: a new and fundamentally better way to manage their money.


Bill Harris, CEO Personal Capital