2016 Superzoo Recap: Our Top Trends and Brands

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Last week, our Business Development team hit the grounds of Las Vegas for Superzoo, a tradeshow swarming with innovative brands in pet food, treats, and accessories. This year’s Superzoo confirmed that the pet industry is chock full of new products that are higher quality, more unique, and more sustainable than in years past.

Here are the top three trends from the event, followed by a list of the top pet companies we came across.

Top Trends in Pet From Superzoo

Top Companies at Superzoo*

Skout’s Honor: All-natural, professional strength solutions for pet stain and odor problems. They have grown to 2200 locations since launching late last year.

Bixbi: These single source protein, freeze-dried jerkys are functional treats made with clean ingredients.

Fruitables: Made with superfoods, Fruitables is a unique blend of top quality ingredients that ensure your pet is living a healthier life.

Nulo: Their pet food is made with all natural ingredients, grain-free formulas and high animal-based proteins.

Bocce’s Bakery: Their all-natural, chemical- and preservative-free dog biscuits come in a variety of flavors. Products are all baked by hand in small batches.

PROTEINforPETS: This retailer exclusively carries natural, protein-based food that’s free of wheat, corn and soy. They offer home home delivery as well as nationwide locations.

Open Farm: They bring the farm-to-table concept to pets. Open Farm is raising the bar for animal welfare by employing humane practices at their own farms, so products are ethically sourced.

P.L.A.Y.: They make quality dog beds, crafted for ergonomic support and easy maintenance. Their products are made from sustainable materials.

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