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CircleUp is a technology company that provides capital to innovative early-stage consumer brands and opportunities for leading investors to participate in their growth.

Helio Can Now Predict Future Product Distribution

By Arvind Ganesan and William Dowling  For a consumer brand that is sold offline, the number of doors it is sold in matters a lot.  The more doors, the more exposure a brand has and the greater opportunity it has to sell its products to customers.  If a brand is gaining doors, it’s generally a ...

Consumers Read Product Labels…Investors Should Too

By William Dowling and Jake Cabala  Today’s consumers care deeply about the ingredients and composition of the products they buy.  This is especially true in the health and beauty sector where over half of women carefully read ingredients of beauty products before deciding whether or not to purchase them.  While in some categories consumers scan ...

Why Kettle & Fire Chose CircleUp Credit Advisors

By Justin Mares, Founder of Kettle & Fire When business owners think of taking on capital to grow their business, one obvious choice is equity. Equity raises are celebrated in the news, often mean the involvement of a strategic partner, and offer the opportunity to assert a new valuation for the company. It’s exciting, but ...

What Wins in the Beverage Sector

In an increasingly competitive environment, what makes a beverage brand win?

Forget Designer. In Fashion, Fresh and Modern Win the Branding Game

When most of us think about fashion, the brands that come to mind are often the designer or premium ones: the Ralph Laurens or Louboutins of the world.  And while some companies in this space certainly have prominent images, the real leaders in today’s fashion branding game may come as a surprise.   Using our ...

Why I Joined CircleUp

Simply put, I wanted to be part of something that nobody else has done before.

The (Sometimes Surprising) Ingredients Linked To Food Product Success

Using Helio, we performed analyses across a variety of food and beverage brands to see which individual ingredients may ultimately be to linked to a product’s popularity.

Brain vs. Brawn in Quantitative Private Equity Investing

CircleUp's data science team has the task of pioneering a completely new approach to an industry, while using an ever-evolving set of tools.

CircleUp25: Announcing the 2017 Winners

This marks the fifth year of CircleUp25, our awards recognizing the most innovative consumer and retail brands of the year. CircleUp25 is decided on by our expert judges and Helio, CircleUp’s internal data science platform for evaluating consumer brands. The competition was more fierce this year than ever before due to so many inspiring finalists. This year, ...

Introducing CircleUp Credit Advisors

 By: Asher Hochberg  Today we’re excited to announce the launch of CircleUp Credit Advisors, a new affiliate of CircleUp that provides consumer product businesses with the working capital financing they need to grow and thrive. The Cash Crunch Problem Since launching CircleUp in 2012, we’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of quickly growing consumer ...