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CircleUp March.08.2020 1 min read

Helio Highlights, Women’s Day Edition: Innovation in Feminine Care

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we used Helio to better understand innovation in feminine care. Specifically, the development of organic and natural feminine care has been growing as a consequence of environmental concerns around disposing plastic. Using Helio, we are able to see the growth in retail distribution of natural feminine care brands across the US over time.

Geographic Distribution of Natural Feminine Care Products

The growth has exploded geographically over the last 2 years; as the brands proliferate across the country, we wanted to see how the growth maps to consumers’ criteria for purchasing products in the feminine care space.

Helio analyzes consumer sentiment and uses modeling techniques to determine the leading purchase criteria – what drives people to buy a product – at a category level. We analyzed the consumer sentiment around feminine care products to determine the top 5 purchase criteria for those products and overlaid two feminine care brands to evaluate how closely they meet the criteria.

As we can see, 3 out of 5 top purchase criteria that emerge for feminine care products are around natural care and producing less waste (Using cups as an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons, avoiding harmful ingredients, and biasing toward organic cotton products over synthetics).

This leads us to believe there is opportunity for growth within natural feminine care and there are still untapped regions for natural feminine care products.