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CircleUp 6 min read

Why We Are Investing Three Spirit – Putting Some Spirit in Non-alcoholic Spirits

The non-alcoholic spirit market has been growing rapidly, but leading ...
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CircleUp 6 min read

Announcing Our Investment in Partake Foods: Here’s Why We Invested in an Allergy Friendly Cookie Company

We’re thrilled to announce CircleUp Growth Partners’ investment in Partake ...
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Aditi Dash 5 min read

Welcome Koia – Here’s to a Plant-Based Future!

Our team first met Chris Hunter in 2017, early in his journey in making ...
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Aditi Dash 4 min read

Welcome Peach - Making the Side-Hustle Work for Women

To help women thrive. That’s the mission of Peach, a direct sales, ...
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Asher Hochberg 5 min read

A Working Capital Solution for the Next Generation of Brands

Introducing our credit offering for direct-to-consumer, e-commerce, and ...
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Alison Ryu 6 min read

Welcome, nutpods – The E-Commerce Phenomenon

nutpods marks one of the earliest examples of the impact Helio can have in ...
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Ryan Caldbeck 19 min read

Helio: Where it is today and where it’s going

In September of this year a compilation video of failed SpaceX rocket ...
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Ben Lee 4 min read

Welcome, HUM Nutrition

It’s a simple truth—people like to look and feel great. These desires have ...
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Ryan Caldbeck 13 min read

Why Automation is the Future of Private Investing

There is no question that systematic investing plays an important role in ...
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