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Kevin Weigand July.05.2018 4 min read

TRIBALÍ Foods Continues Growth With CircleUp Credit Advisors

TRIBALÍ Foods was founded on the principles of making what we eat healthier, more convenient, and delicious. Today, TRIBALÍ Foods seeks and sources 100% organic high-quality animal meats — from grass fed and grass finished beef to free-range chicken — to create flavorful, versatile, and nutrient-dense centerpieces for wholesome, satisfying meals.

Capturing exciting taste profiles from across the globe, TRIBALÍ Foods combines sustainably sourced meats with locally sourced herbs and vegetables into patties that are free of fillers, gluten, dairy and soy. With products that are paleo certified, Whole30 approved, and non-GMO project verified, the company saw incredible momentum in 2017 and has continued to make strides well into 2018.

But with any period of growth comes the need for capital to keep up with demand.

“Our recent nationwide launch in 185 Super Target locations is just one example of the new and exciting ways for customers to discover TRIBALÍ Foods. We’ve grown 150% in the last 6 months and were therefore looking for a partner who had an innate understanding of the food & beverage landscape and could seamlessly address our capital needs––especially since we are such a young, emerging brand,” said Angela Bicos Mavridis, CEO and Founder.

Angela continued, “In partnering with CircleUp Credit Advisors, we were also joining the CircleUp family of brands––a strong community of entrepreneurs and innovators who are changing the entire landscape of what we put in our bodies on a daily basis.”

The Right Expertise

In addition to a rich history of working with emerging CPG and retail companies, CircleUp Credit Advisors can harness CircleUp’s proprietary machine learning platform, Helio, to better understand a company and their industry. Helio currently analyzes billions of data points on 1.3M businesses to shed a light on the consumer sector and better understand the abundance of companies in existence.

In fact, when looking at the data, TRIBALÍ Foods has a Brand Rank of 9, meaning the company has a strong online and offline presence that resonates well with its community. CircleUp’s brand model measures the growth, reach, and intensity of a brand across a variety of factors and we have found brand score to be the metric that is most predictive of the future revenue growth of a company. Brand rank then looks at how a brand compares against other companies in its category on a scale of 1-10. (More about our brand model here.)

What’s Next for TRIBALÍ Foods

TRIBALÍ Foods is currently developing new products that would broaden the portfolio to breakfast meats, and incorporate pasture-raised pork and turkey into the offering. “Our tribe of followers has requested breakfast options and this summer, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Chicken & Apple and Pork & Sage mini-sliders,” said Angela. “We needed the right partner and working capital to respond and expand our offerings.”

To cater to new and emerging brands like TRIBALÍ Foods, we, at CircleUp Credit Advisors, draw upon our extensive understanding of the emerging CPG industry to provide a solution that will grow with the brand over time. In fact, working capital can be a practical solution for growing companies of all shapes and sizes. Stay tuned for a future post exploring the innovative ways our borrowers are using a combination of capital solutions to fuel their growth.

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