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Your market advantage.

Helio is a technology platform, predicting breakout companies and shining a light on untapped potential.

Differentiate with data-driven decision making

  • Breakout brands, surfaced first

  • Data-driven diligence on demand

  • Growth strategy grounded in data

How Helio discovers untapped opportunities

Helio is CircleUp’s proprietary technology. It algorithmically identifies, classifies, and evaluates early-stage consumer companies to shine a light on breakout brands. Over two million brands tracked over time across 18 billion data points means you get the breadth of possibility, the depth of potential, and the full picture of industry data at your fingertips.

  • Tracks the long-tail of CPG brands

  • Links data from 200+ sources

  • Predicts growth propensity of individual brands

Our intelligence is your intelligence

The Helio Software offers a holistic view into every North American CPG brand, integrating online and offline signals. The data and insights unlock brand discovery, broad competitive analysis, deep diligence, and strategic guidance.


Identify opportunities, discover breakout brands, and reach out to pre-qualified prospects.


Evaluate opportunities. Deeper assessment of data to drive conviction in the signal.

Strategic Decisions

Drive future growth. Get data & insights to inform key strategic decisions.

Get access to Helio

Helio Lite

  • Brand discovery in select categories

  • Brand snapshots & comparisons for select companies

Helio Core

  • Brand discovery across categories

  • Brand snapshots & comparisons

  • Brand diligence reports


  • Brand discovery across categories

  • Brand snapshots & comparisons

  • Brand diligence reports

  • Bespoke diligence analysis

DATA-DRIVEN companies powered by Helio

Some of our success stories

Helio discovered LiquidIV in 2017. What does the data say now?

What was Helio's take on LiquidIV during Unilever's acquisition?

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The Craftory leverages Helio to identify purpose-led CPG brands for investment

Helio is like one of those magic pens that helps you see things that were previously invisible." ~Jamie Swango, Partner at The Craftory

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Investors make stronger decisions with Helio. Entrepreneurs make them by tapping into our Inner Circle community.