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Helio – your sourcing, evaluation, and strategy edge

Helio is a technology platform, predicting breakout companies and shining a light on untapped potential.

Who does Helio help?

Consumer Goods Investors who want to:
  • Find brands outside of what they can source through their existing methods. 
  • Understand how customers experience brands, as well as how brands within a category are differentiated.
Multinational Consumer Goods Executives who want to:
  • Strategically invest in brands based on data.
  • Grow their own brands using data.
Consumer Goods Brand Managers and Portfolio Managers who want to:
  • Monitor company performance.
  • Identify areas of improvement and growth tactics.

What can Helio help you do?


Instantly find and explore more brands that meet your criteria

Created for investors, by investors, use our platform’s longitudinal data and algorithms to discover consumer goods brands that align with your investment thesis, you might not otherwise see. Then access our brand and comparative performance analysis, so you can reach out only to the prospects you know are pre-qualified.

  • Speed up research from months to minutes. 

  • Free up your team from compiling data and get back to doing value-add work. 

  • Access a broader range of CPG companies, including pre-Series A.



Easily understand how customers perceive your picks versus their competition

Strengthen your convictions with analysis of multiple sources of product reviews and social comments to get informed views of brand strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Reach your conclusion before the rest of the pack does, with streamlined  analysis, all in one place. 

  • In addition to a brand’s revenue YOY, QOQ, MOM; discover their social engagement, customer review ratings, and consumer sentiment, in real time. 

  • Access our refined, proprietary predictive analytics that project whether or not a brand may outperform its competitors.



Impact strategy within your portfolio of brands 

Access comparative insights and historical data across multiple business performance areas to add strategic value. 

  • Offer unique insights to portfolio companies post-close that may help them to grow.

  • Benchmark your brand against competitors.

  • Gain a strategic partner in CircleUp, from follow on investments, to our strategic experience gained from working with 100+ CPG portfolio companies.


How does Helio work?

1. Aggregate disparate, messy data

Helio automatically aggregates data about >2M brands in North America from more than 200 sources, with new data sources added constantly. In some cases, we make data available from more than 10 years of a brand’s history.

  • Practitioner Data (e.g. Revenue)
  • Partnership Data (e.g. Nielsen retail-level sales, SEMrush, retailers)
  • Public Data (e.g. Social distribution, 40+ marketplaces, e-comm platforms, search, etc)

Helio is powered by 800 TB of data

2.4M Brands Tracked
18B Data Points
16M Attributes
115K Stores
1K Retailers

2. Cleanse, prep, and model data

Helio instantly stitches together the data from >200 data sources through our proprietary brand entity resolution method to create a useful, holistic, omni-channel picture of a brands’ performance over time versus its competitors.

  1. Discover entities (brands, products, etc)
  2. Remove irrelevant entries
  3. Classify & categorize
  4. Define unique entities
  5. Associate & aggregate appropriate data points (apply entity resolution)



3. Inform decision making with insights

Helio uses proprietary data science methods and >10 years of consumer goods brands data from online sales, offline sales and door growth, social media engagement and customer reviews to determine the likelihood of a brand’s breakout success.



You’re in good company

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Access data on millions of brands across popular categories (e.g. Food, Non-Alcoholic Beverage, Alcoholic Beverage, Health and Beauty, Pet, Vitamins and Minerals) 

Unlimited seats for your organization 

Flexible tiers of access to meet your needs

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