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CNBC, 2/25/15
Power Pitch: truBrain

"A group of neuroscientists has created the first energy-drink designed to give a boost to your brain. It's called truBrain, and according to the company's CEO Chris Thompson, it packs a punch that's much smarter than a jolt of caffeine."

CNBC, 2/4/15
Power Pitch: Apex Ski Boots

"Apex Ski Boots has raised $4.9 million in funds, with investments from family, friends and angel investors. It is currently crowdfunding on angel investment platform, Circle Up, which focuses on consumer based products."

The Wall Street Journal, 11/17/14
Ryan Caldbeck: Using Crowdfunding to Validate (or Invalidate) Ideas

"Companies like Oculus and Nomad are early examples of how anyone can conceptualize, test, manufacture and market innovative new products without a $100 million research and development budget."

TechCrunch, 10/30/14
Eco-Conscious Water Filter Company Soma Goes Back To The Well For $2.2 Million

"I didn’t know how successful CircleUp was going to be and, to be honest, we could have raised half the round from CircleUp."

The Wall Street Journal, 8/18/14
Collaborative Fund, CircleUp Partner to Invest $4 Million in B Corps

"CircleUp’s B Corp Circle will help Collaborative Fund partners “know who’s doing what” in consumer goods and retail..."

The Wall Street Journal, 7/31/14
Johnson & Johnson Partners with CircleUp for Early Look at Startups

"CircleUp Network Inc., an equity fundraising platform for startups that make consumer goods, has struck a partnership with a titan in the field, Johnson & Johnson."

Entrepreneur, 7/29/14
The 25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands

"Without further ado, we’re thrilled to present 2014’s CircleUp25 winners! "

CNBC, 6/17/14
How to invest in the next Apple

"CircleUp is one example of the new entrants in the private equity space."

Financial Times, 6/3/14
Tech start-ups to look out for

"So far it has helped companies raise more than $30m from accredited investors, who can also offer connections and education to the start-up founders."

Fox Business, 5/20/14
CircleUp Focuses on Crowdfunding and the Consumer

"Average company has grown revenue at 80% per year."

The Wall Street Journal, 4/29/14
CircleUp Allows ‘Follow-the-Leader’ Investing in Startups That Make Tangible Goods

"Mr. Finn, one of the initial Circle leaders, hopes the presence of Circles, including his own, will give less experienced angel investors confidence about putting their money into consumer goods ventures."

Barron's, 4/12/14
How to Slow Flash Boys

"CircleUp is cooking up a new asset class: prepublic theme-based funds that allow an accredited investor to focus on a specific market.", 3/26/14
CircleUp Draws More Investors As Equity Crowdfunding Gains Ground

"CircleUp stands out in that the companies using it to find interested investors are typically making consumer products one could find on retail shelves and hold in a hand"

New York Times, 3/26/14
Crowdfunding Site CircleUp Raises $14 Million

"The fresh capital underscores the excitement in Silicon Valley over new ways of raising money."

Forbes, 3/7/14
How CircleUp Is Filling The Void Left By Banks That Won't Lend To Small Business

"Seaweed Bath Company recently raised $360,000 in total with half of that coming from five of CircleUp’s investors."

TechCrunch, 2/12/14
CircleUp Lands Virgin America Partnership

"Branson’s Virgin Group will use CircleUp as a way to identify new snacks and drinks that could be served on its flights."

Forbes, 1/22/14
America's Most Promising Companies

"CircleUp Named one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes."

MarketWatch, 1/17/14
4 ways investing in startups will become easier for you

"The average company that has raised money on CircleUp has grown revenue at 80% per year since raising money on the site."

WiseRadar, 1/16/14
Hottest Startups 2013 — by market

"Which startups should you keep an eye on in 2014? "

Forbes, 1/6/14
Ryan Caldbeck's CircleUp Democratizes Funding Process For Start-Ups and Investors

"While it’s only been a little over a year since Ryan and Rory launched the CircleUp platform, they have already supported 30 capital raises to the tune of over $30 million."

Fast Company, 11/26/13
If You Want To Raise Capital For Artisanal Pickles Or A Healthy 7-11, Head To CircleUp

"Built specifically for consumer-retail businesses, CircleUp connects accredited investors with the next big thing. Here's how it worked for Green Zebra Grocery."

MarketWatch, 11/19/13
All Crowdfunding Capitalists Should Ask This Question

"The average company that has raised money on CircleUp has seen their revenue grow at 80% per year after they raised money on CircleUp, and their gross margins have expanded from 34% pre-CircleUp to 39% post-CircleUp. "

Entrepreneur, 10/24/13
How The Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies Raised Major Money

"CircleUp "has become a go-to platform for startups in the food industry and those that make healthful-lifestyle products.""

Barron's, 9/21/13
Startups Now Can Advertise for Funding From Small Investors

""We believe that the average retail investor is better at assessing consumer products than high-tech offerings such as cloud computing," Eakin says. He also thinks the consumer-products industry is underfunded relative to other sectors, and that there's a tremendous growth opportunity in this sector."

The Wall Street Journal, 8/19/13
Using CircleUp, Gummy Vitamin Maker SmartyPants Raises $2.6M

"The deal marks the largest fundraise to date on the site, CircleUp, said CircleUp Network Inc. Chief Operating Officer Rory Eakin."

TechCrunch, 7/10/13
SEC Lifts Ban On General Solicitation, Allowing Startups To Advertise That They’re Fundraising

"‘Today, with the ban in place, only the most well-known investors get access to the best deal flow, making it more difficult for accredited investors across the country to invest in top deals,’ writes Ryan Caldbeck of crowdfunding website, Circleup."

Inc., 7/10/13
Finally: SEC Lifts Ban on Advertising Fundraising Rounds

"'Lifting the ban will help small businesses, and independent investors, because it will allow for increased flow of information,' Rory Eakin, COO of CircleUp, said."

PandoDaily, 7/10/13
Does general solicitation matter for tech startups? Not really

"‘For tech companies, we 100% believe that the lift in the general solicitation ban will not have significant impact at all for startups,’ says Ryan Caldbeck, founder and CEO of crowdfunding site CircleUp, which serves small consumes goods and retail companies."

Upstart Business Journal, 6/24/13
VC validation counts for crowdfunders, too

"Ryan Caldbeck, co-founder and CEO of crowdfunding site CircleUp, argues that validation from top-flight VCs is key to standing out in the crowded world of crowdfunding. "

Bloomberg Radio, 6/15/13
CircleUp named a Titan of Retail by Bloomberg

"CircleUp adds clarity to consumer investing"

CNBC, 5/15/13
CNBC Disruptor 50: CircleUp

"A disruptive business model expands participation in the market by lowering the cost to serve previously unprofitable customers, typically through the introduction of a new technology or business process."

Women's Wear Daily, 5/10/13
Silicon Valley Sets Sights on Beauty

"It generally takes 60 or so days to complete a round of fund-raising, as compared to a year if companies tap angel sources."

VentureBeat, 4/20/13
Do you love kale chips and granola? Crowdfunding startup CircleUp helps put them on shelves

"CircleUp bridges this gap by providing a platform where accredited investors can access a curated, vetted selection of consumer products companies and make equity-based investments. "

Wall Street Journal, 2/14/13
P&G, General Mills Tap Into Startups

"Venture capitalists typically pay little attention to consumer-packaged goods startups. But industry giants General Mills Inc. and Procter & Gamble Co. are using their partnerships with a "crowdfunding" site to get to know more about them."

Bloomberg TV, 1/29/13
CircleUp to Partner Up With P&G

"CircleUp CEO Ryan Caldbeck talks about his company's new partnership with Procter & Gamble. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers.""

Bloomberg Businessweek, 1/29/13
P&G Taps Crowdfunding Site to Scout for Startup Brands

"Today, [CircleUp] announced a partnership with Procter & Gamble (PG) to get companies on CircleUp in front of P&G executives scouting for new brands. It made a similar deal with General Mills (GIS) last year."

Wall Street Journal, 1/25/13
Raise Capital From Passionate Investors

"We are in the midst of a powerful transition in private capital markets as, for the first time, entrepreneurs can attract investment capital from beyond the narrow audience of ‘angel investors.’ "

The New York Times, 1/6/13
The Crowdfunding Crowd Is Anxious

"Mr. Caldbeck sees a big opportunity. Consumer goods companies account for a sizable portion of the nation’s businesses, yet very little capital — from private equity funds or from accredited investors — flows to them, he says. What’s more, only a tiny percentage of those who qualify as accredited investors actually invest in private companies, he says.....CircleUp is aiming to simplify the process so that more accredited investors take the plunge and more start-ups can get financing."

Washington Post, 10/15/12
For some consumer products businesses, crowdfunding is the best route

"Alison Vercruysse is one of several entrepreneurs raising funds for consumer products via crowdfunding. Kim Walls, chief executive of Episencial, a Los Angeles-based baby skincare company, also found crowdfunding to be a more effective method of raising capital."

Video: CNBC Squawk Box, 8/23/12
CircleUp: Crowdfunding for Start-up Consumer Companies

"The reason we focus there [consumer products], is fundamentally we don't think this industry or our company exists in five years if investors aren't making money. And we think consumer products is a great place to make money. It's an inefficient market; there are hundreds of investment firms in the country that will invest in larger consumer products companies, companies with more than $10 million in revenue, and almost none that will invest below that."

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