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Helio Just Got Smarter- Our New Partnership with Nielsen
CircleUpDecember.13.20172 min read

Helio Just Got Smarter: Our New Partnership with Nielsen

At CircleUp, data fuels everything we do.

Today I’m pleased to announce that CircleUp has established a new strategic partnership with Nielsen, one of the world’s foremost leaders in data, information, and measurement.

More Data = Smarter Helio

For CircleUp, this partnership provides an expansive new integration of Nielsen’s rich consumer product data into Helio, our machine learning platform. Helio is constantly analyzing billions of pieces of data from a wide variety of public and private sources to find and evaluate upstart consumer brands early on.

Partnering with Nielsen signals a meaningful new addition to Helio’s broad mosaic of data sources. More data — in both quantity and quality — leads to a stronger Helio. And the smarter Helio is, the better we are at fulfilling our goal of uncovering promising CPG brands early and getting them the capital and resources they need to thrive.

Early-Stage Influence

Nielsen is also benefiting from this relationship. By partnering with CircleUp, Nielsen is getting valuable new insight into the early-stage consumer landscape. Upstart brands are an increasingly powerful force in shaping the future of the CPG industry, driving innovation and creating products that are often more closely attuned to consumers’ needs.

Nielsen has made it a top priority to cultivate a deeper understanding of the early-stage market and cater to it with new products and services, so this partnership is a big step toward achieving that goal. Our years of working exclusively with early-stage CPG brands gives us unparalleled expertise in this space, which we look forward to sharing with the Nielsen team to inform the development of its exciting initiatives.

A True Win/Win

This partnership goes beyond our two organizations. WIth it, we believe we will be able to positively affect early stage consumer companies and the CPG industry at-large.

A more powerful and accurate Helio means that CPG investors will be able to find promising companies earlier and more efficiently than ever before. In turn, entrepreneurs will be able to quickly and easily secure the support they need to grow their businesses and reach their full potential. A faster moving and more dynamic market will compel larger players in the CPG space to both acquire and internally develop new products and modes of business. In the end, hundreds of millions of consumers will benefit from increased access to the new, innovative, and often better-for-you products that upstart CPG brands are known for.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside partners like Nielsen to build this future together.