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Welcome The Good Crisp Company––the guilt-free stacked chips
Pat RobinsonApril.30.20192 min read

Welcome The Good Crisp Company––The Guilt-Free Stacked Chips

Originally hailing from Australia, The Good Crisp Companyhas reimagined the classic canister stacked chip and is now winning over the American consumer with their guilt-free and great tasting potato chips. Earlier this year, we announced our investment in the company and today we wanted to share why we were most excited by the opportunity.

An $8 Billion Market Opportunity

Mention potato chips and classic brands like Lay’s and Pringles come to mind. So how should a challenger brand think about taking on the existing $8 billion US potato chip market––one that’s expected to reach $11.31 billion by 2025? A good starting point is by recognizing that consumers still love to indulge, but are demanding better ingredients and expecting more from their snacks.

Legacy snack brands have done little to innovate and provide options that are better for their consumers. Rather than listen to their consumers’ and invest in higher-quality ingredients, they’ve stuck with what was working. But today’s consumers are changing their preferences and using their purchasing power to shift the tides. Rather than shy away from the fact that we all love to snack, The Good Crisp Company saw an opportunity to turn the classic canister chip into something consumers could enjoy guilt-free. Good Crisp’s stacked chips are certified gluten-free, and free from GMOs, artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, and colors. Their crisps deliver a way for consumers to indulge in a favorite potato chip format with clean, high-quality ingredients. It’s a better-for-you option of an everyday favorite.

Building Conviction With Data

At CircleUp Growth Partners, we take a data-driven approach to spotlighting breakout brands. Using our platform, Helio, our team can identify which brands are growing and why, and then move fast and with conviction. And Helio quickly picked up The Good Crisp Company––first appearing on our radar for its strong distribution growth. Benchmarking against others in its category, we had a unique window into just how quickly the brand was taking off. Their distribution in the first two years was one of the fastest we’ve witnessed in the chip market. Now live in over 7,000 locations, that growth shows no signs of slowing down.

The Road Ahead

Last, but certainly not least, we are excited to partner with The Good Crisp Company’s founder and CEO, Matt Parry, as he grows the brand’s presence across the US. The brand traveled a long way to reach the United States, and with Matt at the helm, we are excited to see it grow into a staple snack.