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Interested in joining the consumer industry? Announcing CircleUp’s Job Board 2.0
CircleUpJanuary.04.20191 min read

Interested in Joining the Consumer Industry? Announcing CircleUp’s Job Board 2.0

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Community Job Board.

Since 2012, the CircleUp Community has expanded to now include more than 300 innovative consumer and retail brands that are growing quickly as they launch new products and reach new consumers. Over the last six years, we’ve spent time listening to our community in order to better support their growth because we know that the obstacles founders face are many.

One of the biggest obstacles is building and maintaining a high-performing team. I recently spoke with an entrepreneur who noted that “hiring ultimately affects our company’s value. If we don’t have a key hire for two months, we feel that pain and it hurts our enterprise value.” The more we do to leverage our network to support their talent needs, the more our community can focus on growing their businesses.

We launched the first version of our job board in May of last year and have been blown away by the quality of candidates who expressed interest in the opportunities posted. You’ll notice immediately that the latest version allows for user-friendly searching and filtering, and includes opportunities across a broader range of companies within our community. We’re excited to surface so many opportunities and showcase the incredible brands and possibilities that exist in the consumer industry.

Across our community, there are currently more than 250 open jobs. So if you are looking to join an innovative team or want to see what’s out there in the world of consumer , take a look here. And share it with friends and family!