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CircleUpJune.29.20222 min read

Helio for Investors

Less work. Better deals. Sound too good to be true? Don’t be so sure. With Helio data we are helping investors get major results. Just ask our friends at Btomorrow Ventures.


Wondering what exactly we mean? We'll break it down for you. 


With Helio for investors, our goal is to ensure that your deal sourcing is faster, your diligence is better and your exit valuations are higher. 


Here’s how CPG investors are using Helio today to find better deals, cut time spent on research, diligence and sourcing in half AND get better deals, better terms and higher returns.

Early Stage CPG Investors love Helio for three reasons: 

1. While you may get ample deal flow through your networks, that doesn’t always mean you are getting the best deals. If you are anything like our Investor customers, this probably leads to time-consuming calls with founders whose brands are simply not a fit. Helio also helps find opportunities outside your network, which means less competition from other investors. With universal data for desktop research at your fingertips you can instantly determine whether to schedule a 15 min call or a 1.5 hour lunch with a prospective target. In Helio, investors instantly see a brand's HGP score, initial KPI performance, compare initial KPIs across brands + competitors making research that previously took weeks and multiple expensive data purchases, now takes 30 seconds.

2. Once you have decided that a brand is worth investigating further, you owe it to your LPs to perform a robust diligence process – typically both time consuming and expensive as multiple data purchases are needed to glean insight which confirms or contradicts the hypotheses about the brands future potential. With Helio, you instantly get a pulse on a brand’s future potential with HGP score, a proprietary metric (that considers hundreds of data points) with a proven track record for accurately predicting future performance and can perform a deep dive diligence in a matter of minutes looking at everything from recent distribution gains to dollar and unit velocity performance versus competition.


3. Over time, as you become more data-driven, you’ll find that Helio is an incredible source of new deal opportunities. Every day as part of your process, you can log into Helio, set filters for specific investment criteria – from revenue range to founder ethnicity, from distribution channels to key growth metrics and discover as new brands are minted, track as new brands mature to meet your investment criteria, and reach out earlier than anyone else when you know it might be time for their first or next round of investment based on the growth they are experiencing.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to talk to you. Book a meeting with our sales team here.