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CircleUpJune.29.2017< 1 min read

Raising Money + Lessons from 1000 Founders – Steven of CircleUp

Our own Steven Vigilante was on Food Startups Podcast to discuss the process of sourcing and evaluating innovative, early-stage brands and coaching entrepreneurs through the fundraising process at CircleUp. Give it a listen for his take on:

  • The fallout from Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods
  • An 18 billion dollar shift from large brands to small brands in the consumer space from 2011-2015
  • Helio, CircleUp’s data science platform early-stage CPG investing space
  • How to attack a trade show
  • The future of plant-based, and its entry into the mainstream
  • The 5 different types of CPG entrepreneurs
  • Why some companies can raise money and others can’t
  • How to talk to investors and key financial metrics to consider
  • When to raise money