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Top Pet Brands 2022
CircleUpApril.04.20221 min read

Top Pet Brands 2022

The Pet industry has boomed since 2020, as pet ownership grew at unforeseen levels with one in five Americans purchasing a pet since the start of the pandemic. In a recent webinar, CircleUp’s Helio team uncovered how the industry has transformed in that time, as well as the top market trends, consumer insights, and trending attributes in Pet today.

Helio also identified the top five emerging Pet brands that show the best early indicators of massive success among the 50,000 pet brands in the Helio universe. 

These rankings were created using the Helio Growth Predictor score (HGP), which incorporates over 100 performance metrics across Helio’s distribution, online web, social media, reviews, and sales data. This data is collected from more than 200 sources, and combined using machine learning to predict future sales over the next 12 months. 




Top Pet Brands 2022


1. Cookie Pal

Cookie Pal Helio Preview

Description: Human Grade Premium Dog Treats

Estimated Revenue Range: $500k-$1M

Key Attributes: Organic plant-based, Natural treat, Human Grade, Super Premium, Sustainable

HGP: .99

2. Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets Helio Preview

Description: Converting Food Waste to Dog & Cat Treats

Estimated Revenue Range: $1-5M

Key Attributes: Upcycled, Sustainable, Skin, Joint health, Subscription

HGP: .99

3. Bocce’s Bakery

Bocce's Bakery Helio Preview

[Bocce’s Bakery Helio Preview]

Description: Biscuits, Training Aids, Jerkies

Estimated Revenue Range: $5-10M

Key Attributes: Limited ingredients, Training, Locally-sourced, Preservative Free

HGP: .99     

4. Earth Rated

Earth Red Helio Preview

[Earth Rated Helio Preview]

Description: Wipes, Bags

Estimated Revenue Range: $10-20M

Key Attributes: Sustainable, Compostable, Plant based, Hypoallergenic

HGP: .99.     

5. Fresh Pawz

Fresh Pawz Helio Preview

 [Fresh Pawz Helio Preview]

Description: Dog Accessories

Estimated Revenue Range: $1-5M

Key Attributes: Leash, Collar, Walk/Wear, Streetwear, Bowl

HGP: .99   

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