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Shining a light on
untapped potential

With the help of our Helio technology platform, we empower entrepreneurs with the funding and support that they need to thrive.

Brands we're proud to support


Powered by data to empower human potential.

We’ve identified hundreds of successful brands. Using Helio—our technology platform—we increase the speed, quality, and objectivity of decision making in the private company landscape through a unique application of data and machine learning.

Get Funding & Support

By partnering with you through equity investment and business loans, we’ll rapidly accelerate your brand’s growth.

Access Data & Insights

Illuminate new value across all stages of investing: from sourcing, evaluation and diligence to ongoing decision making.

Helio makes sure the very best opportunities see the light of day.

Algorithmically identifying, classifying, and evaluating over two million early-stage consumer brands, Helio began as our own centralized, data-driven decision making asset. Now, our intelligence is your intelligence.


Portfolio Company Spotlight: Kitu Life

Funding the super growth of Super Coffee.

Building Conviction with Data: How Helio Helped IQBAR Bet on Brain Health

How IQbar is capitalizing on category dynamics, and why brain health is the trend we should all be betting on.

What's happening in our Inner Circle

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Denise Woodward

Denise Woodard launched Partake when her daughter was diagnosed with severe allergies, and she’s on a mission to make fun, tasty snacks accessible to all.