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CircleUp7 min read

Backtests in the Private Markets – A New Approach

“Backtest” and “private markets” are not often used in the same sentence. ...
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CircleUp13 min read

CircleUp at Grace Hopper: The Degree of Interpretability in ML depending on your Problem Space

Earlier this year, we hinted that our Product Manager, Malavica Sridhar, ...
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Emma Stubbs6 min read

The Data Advantage – Moats, Tigers, and Truffles

CircleUp has spent the last six years building a data moat – a vast pool ...
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CircleUp4 min read

Using Data Science to Test Investing Hypotheses – A CircleUp Capability

Some believe that AI alone will solve age old problems – that enthusiast ...
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CircleUp8 min read

Circleup25 Data Dive: The Rise of Plant-Based Family Favorites

What do zucchini, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and peas have in common? ...
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CircleUp6 min read

Data Science Update – The Ingredients of a Good Product Model

We built our machine learning platform Helio to evaluate consumer brands ...
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CircleUp< 1 min read

Product Seasonality: What Sells More, When?

For many consumer brands, the bulk of their annual sales can come during a ...
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CircleUp2 min read

Helio Just Got Smarter: Our New Partnership with Nielsen

At CircleUp, data fuels everything we do.
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Ryan Caldbeck8 min read

Why Automation is the Future of Private Investing

There is no question that systematic investing plays an important role in ...
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